Valtra N124

Valtra N124 Technical Data. This tractor has a  4-cylinder, 135 HP engine, 580 Nm, 99 kw and Hitech models.

Valtra tractor production site Suolahti, Finland, and Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil.

AGCO’s headquarters are situated in Duluth, Georgia, and its EAME head office in Neuhausen, Switzerland.


with tyres 520/85R38
Wheel base 2665 mm
Length 4656 mm
Height low cab position
Height suspended/high cab position 2960 m
Height SKYVIEW cab [mm, any position] + 64
Turning radius 4.5 m
Fuel capacity 235 l
Fuel capacity [I] large tank/forest tank) 315/160
AdBlue capacity STD / forest tank [I] 45 (25)
Ground clerance MID 550 mm
Weight (front axle suspension, full tanks) 6300 kg
Weight distribution F/R [ca. %] 40/60
Max front axle weight 4000 kg
Max rear axle weight 8000 kg
Gross vehicle weight 10000 kg


Engine, Agco Power 44 AWF
No. of cylinders /Capacity [l] 4/4.4
Emission control Stage IV with DOC and SCR catalysts
Standard Max Power 92 kw
Standard Max Power 125 hp
Boost Max Power 99 kw
Boost Max Power 135 hp
at engine speed 1900 r/min
Nominal engine speed 2100 r/min
Standard Max Torque 550 Nm
Boost Max Torque 580 Nm
at engine revs 1500

Transmission Options:

HiTech X
HiTech with HiTrol turbine clutch X

Power Lift:

Lift capacity rear, max 63 kn (78 opt)
Lifting range, ma 862 mm
Optional front lift capacity 47 kn
Turning radius (600/65R28, track 1960mm) 4.5 mm


Availability: HITECH: HITECH & HITROL:
5 step Powershift X X
Creeper Option Option
Speed range 0.6-43 0.6-43
Alternative speed range 0.7-53 0-53 0.7-53*) 0.7-57 High Speed** 0.7-53*) 0.7-57 High Speed**
Group gear (work areas) A,B,C,D A,B,C,D
Ranges automated C-D (Versu B > C > D) C-D (Versu B > C > D)
Number of speeds with creeper 30+30R 30+30R
Number of creeper gears 10+10R 10+10R
Brakes multi-disc/plates oil cooled wet brakes with hydraulic boost multi-disc/plates oil cooled wet brakes with hydraulic boost
Type of main clutch wet multi-disc wet multi-disc
Front axle suspension type Stage IV models: Hydropneumatic, Stage V models: Pneumatic Stage IV models: Hydropneumatic, Stage V models: Pneumatic


Hydraulic system open centre
Pump capacity 73(90)
Oil available from implement 40
Mechanical valves rear up to 4
Power Beyond
Electronic valves rear
ON/OFF valve rear
Electronic valves front 2, 3 or 4

Power Take Off:

540 / 1000 Standard
540/540E/1000 Option
540E/1000/1000E Option
Ground speed PTO Option
Front PTO 1000 Option Option


Operator’s seat swivel angle 180° Standard Standard
Co-drivers seat with safety belt Option Option
Noise level [dB] 70 Standard Standard
No. of doors 1 or 2 1 or 2
No. of windows 4 or 5 5 or 6
Roof window front Option
Roof window rear Standard
Window area with roof window 6.22 m2 6,53 m2
Windscreen wiper work angle STD 180°, Optional 270° STD 180°, Optional 270°
Valtra basic controls Standard Standard
SmartTouch armrest Versu and Direct Versu and Direct
Air conditioning and heater in the roof Option Standard
Extra heater for footwell Option Option
Automatic climate control with 2 heaters Option
Cool Box Option Option
Mechanical cab suspension Option Option
AutoComfort semi-active air suspension Option Option
TwinTrack reverse drive Option Option
QuickSteer Option Option
Valtra Guide (Sub-metre or dm accuracy) Option
Safety camera Option Option

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