Valtra A94

Valtra A94 Technical Data. This tractor has a  3-cylinder, 95 HP engine, 355 Nm, 2250 wheelbase and 40 km/h maximum speed.


Engine, Agco Power 33 AWFC
Cylinders 3
Standard Max Power 71 kw
Standard Max Power 95 hp
Standard Max Torque 410 Nm


Power shuttle X
12+12 with 6 mechanical speeds in 2 groups X
HiTech4: 16+16 with four step powershift and robotised range shifting
Creeper Option


Wheel base [mm] 2250
Length [mm] (without front weight) 4078
Length [mm] (with front weight) 4424
Height [mm] (min tyre SRI) 2664
Height [mm] (max tyre SRI) 2714
Height rear axle centre to top of standard roof [mm] 1963
Turning radius (track 1704mm) [m] 3.72
Ground clearance FRONT [mm] (max/min) 475 / 425
Ground clearance MID [mm] (max/min) 500 / 450
Ground clearance REAR [mm] (max/min) 490 / 440
Weight (full tanks) [kg] 3500
Weight distribution F/R [%] 40/60
Max front axle weight [kg] 3000
Max rear axle weight [kg] 5000
Max total weight [kg] 6200


Gear shift Mechanical
Number of gears w/o creeper 12
Creeper Option
Creeper speed range (16.9R38)* 0,14-3,06 (40km/h version)
Tractor speed 40 km/h


Type of system Open-centre
Max pump output (l/min) 65
Litres of oil available for implements 20 L

Front Axle:

Front axle oscilation angle, all positions [deg] +/- 10°
Max. Steering angle 55


Brakes, rear Multi-Disc brakes; 4 discs per side
Brakes, front


Max / min tyre SRI [mm] 750 / 700

PTO (3 or 2 Speed):

Engagement type Electrohydraulic
540 / 540E STD At engine speeds 1920/1560
540 / 1000 (OPT) N.A
540/540E/1000 (OPT) N.A

Rear Linkage:

Max lift capacity at link end 3000 kg.

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