Fendt 943 MT Technical Data and Price List

Fendt 943 MT Technical data. The Fendt 943 MT is part of the Fendt 900 Vario MT series. It has a 431 HP engine that produces 1921 torque. It can reach a maximum speed of 40 km per hour.

2020 Best Fendt 943 Vario MT Twin-Track Crawler

Production place: AGCO Jackson Operations
202 Industrial Park, Jackson, MN 56143, United States

Fendt 900 Vario Series Price List for Country

USAFendt 924 Vario$ 168K
USAFendt 927 Vario$ 274K
USAFendt 930 Vario$ 331K
USAFendt 933 Vario$ 305K
USAFendt 936 Vario$ 380K
UK2019 – Fendt 939 Vario £ 200 K
USAFendt 939 Vario$ 250K-300K

Engine Technical Data:

Rated power ECE R 120317/431 kw/hp
Maximum power ECE R 120317/431 kw/hp
No. of cylinders7 Number
Cylinder bore/stroke111/ 145 mm
Cubic capacity9800 cm³
Rated speed1700 rpm
Max. torque at 1450 rpm1921 Nm
Fuel level681.0 liters
AdBlue tank71.0 liters
Constant power range1600-1700 rpm

Transmission and PTO:

Transmission typeTA 300T
Top speed40 km/h
Rear PTO1000/1000E
Engine rpm at rated speed of rear PTO (1000 PTO)1650 rpm
Engine rpm at rated speed of rear PTO (1000E PTO)1255 rpm

Power lift and hydraulics:

Variable flow pump220 l/min
Variable flow pump option 1440 l/min
Working pressure / control pressure200 bar
Max. valves (front/centre/rear)0/0/6 Number
Max. hydraulic oil filling125 approx. litres
Max. available hydraulic oil volume100 litres
Flow rate of control valves (all valves)140 litres
Max. lift capacity of rear power lift11500 daN

Electrical Features:

Max. transferable current ISOBUS socket60 A

Caterpillar Tracks

Central carrier suspensionSmartRide
Swing angle of the primary suspension11 degrees
Suspension travel of the front guiding wheel260 mm
Chassis suspensionConstantGrip
Total width of driving wheel225 mm
Total width of track roller224 mm
Series caterpillar track25″ Standard AG
1. Optional caterpillar track25″ Extreme AG
2. Optional caterpillar track25″ Extreme APP
3. Optional caterpillar track30″ Extreme AG


Track width (for series caterpillar track)2032 mm
Minimum track width (for series caterpillar track)2032 mm
Maximum track width (for series caterpillar track)2235 mm
Total width for series caterpillar track2667 mm
Overall length5993 mm
Overall height – comfort cab3515 mm
Max. ground clearance368 mm
Wheel base (driving wheel to the front guiding wheel)2565 mm


Unladen weight (base tractor with cab – full tanks, without driver)15169.0 kg
Max. permissible overall weight20900.0 kg
Max. trailer hitch load3628.0 kg

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