Fendt 927 Vario Technical Data and Price List

Fendt 927 Vario Technical data. The Fendt 927 Vario is part of the Fendt 900 Vario series. It has a 275 HP engine that produces 1160 torque. It can reach a maximum speed of 60 km per hour.

Factory Location: Marktoberdoft, Germany

Fendt 900 Vario Series Price List for Country:

Country Model Price
USA Fendt 924 Vario $ 168K
USA Fendt 927 Vario $ 274K
USA Fendt 930 Vario $ 331K
USA Fendt 933 Vario $ 305K
USA Fendt 936 Vario $ 380K
UK 2019 – Fendt 939 Vario £ 200 K
USA Fendt 939 Vario $ 250K-300K


Rated power ECE R 120 202/275 hp
Maximum power ECE R 120 202/275 hp
No. of cylinders 6 Number
Cylinder bore/stroke 110/ 136 mm
Cubic capacity 7750 cm³
Rated speed 2100 rpm
Max. torque at 1450 rpm 1160 Nm
Fuel level 600.0 liters
AdBlue tank 36.0 liters

Transmission and PTO:

Transmission type ML 260
Speed range 1 0,02-35 km/h
Speed range 1 – reverse 0,02-20 km/h
Speed range 2 0,02-60 km/h
Speed range 2 – reverse 0,02-33 km/h
Top speed 60 km/h
Rear PTO 540E/1000
Rear PTO optional 1000/1000E
Front PTO option 1000

Power lift and hydraulics:

Variable flow pump 152 l/min
Variable flow pump option 1 205 l/min
Working pressure / control pressure 200+10 bar
Max. valves (front/centre/rear) Power / Power Plus 2/0/6 Number
Max. valves (front/centre/rear) Profi / Profi Plus 2/0/6 Number
Max. available hydraulic oil volume 87 liters
Max. lift capacity of rear power lift 11800 daN
Max. lift capacity of front power lift 5584 daN


Front tyres (standard) 600/65R34
Standard tyres rear 650/85R38
1. Optional front tyres 600/65R34
1. Optional rear tyres 710/70R42


Front track width (standard tyres) 2100 mm
Rear track width (standard tyres) 2050 mm
Overall width with standard tyres 2750 mm
Overall length 5655 mm
Overall cab height with standard tyres without VarioGuide 3272 mm
Overall cab height with standard tyres with VarioGuide 3308 mm
Max. ground clearance 575 mm
Wheelbase 3050 mm


Unladen weight (base tractor with cab – full tanks, without driver) 10830.0 kg
Max. permissible overall weight up to 40km/h (2-circuit brake) 18000.0 kg
Max. permissible overall weight up to 50km/h (2-circuit brake) 18000.0 kg
Max. permissible overall weight up to 60km/h 16000.0 kg
Max. trailer hitch load 2000.0 kg

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